API Overview

The hosted Jumia payment gateway provides a simple & secure checkout experience for your users across all devices. It allows you to easily collect payment using the most popular payment methods - and we will be adding even more payment methods in the future without any changes on your side. All you need to do to use the gateway is to describe an order and send your customer off to complete their payment. These API docs will help you to accept your first payment with Jumia .

In detail the flow is as follows:

  1. You provide Jumia with information concerning the order, such as order total, item names and quantity, and tax. If available you should also send customer information such as their contact information and shipping address.
  2. You redirect your customer to the secure Jumia checkout, where they review their order details and are prompted to pay using one of our integrated payment methods.
  3. When the form is submitted, we redirect them to a URL of your choice.

Connecting to Jumia is simple and a full integration consists of less than a handful of API calls:

Use our notification service to be always up to date on your transactions.

For access to our testing enviroment, please create an account with us and then contact our support team at Contact Us.

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