Cancel Purchase

You can cancel a transaction either in your account or via the API.

In order to cancel a transaction in your account, you have to login to your merchant account and select the transaction on the My Transaction screen. On the Transaction Detail page, you will find the "Cancel This Transaction" button on the top right.

You can also cancel a purchase programatically with the following single API call.

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -u rocket:rock4mebuddy \
     -d "data={ \
        "purchaseId": "AAEAAADoKU7bT9yTqAcDHy4_BoErIbqSnssi60lprv0IEDs-mv01GDCz", \
        "shopConfig": "AAEAAADoKU7YJh44utJbVDLTqqEEeiaO28_f9LjaYMu1GdoBNT9_IG--/AAEAAAgfi0NkDIDyXMhIaaM-wfYLziibzdgBQIQVoD4hzxDnQt5szEIq/0ce5b60001d7e89c7b50fbe59cfb1bf5" \
        }"  \

You can expect the following success response:

  "success": true

Please keep in mind that you can only cancel paid transactions that are not expired or failed. Once you cancel a transaction we will automatically refund the customer.

You also have the option to refund only part of a transaction using our partial refund API

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